The Podcast

Travelling Through Conversation came to me whilst living in a backpackers’ hostel. Most nights I’d sit at the bar, drink a beer and meet strangers from around the world.

One conversation which stood out was with a chap called Zé from Brazil. He told me about an experience where he got a milk box carton tattooed on his arm, a drunken moment with friends led him to the idea. Now, we’ve both agreed, when I visit Zé in South America, I’ll get the same tattoo on my arm.

It’s moments like these, which make me want to start a conversation with every country, just to see what happens. Therefore, I will share a podcast with you where I do exactly that. Each week I will speak with a person from a different country who now lives or travels in the U.K.

If you want to follow the journey and not miss out on an episode, scroll down to the bottom of the page and Sign Up for free using your email address. Thanks for reading, I’ll see y’all soon 😉

Myself and Zé (picture taken at the hostel)

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