My Travel Bug

In 2015, I decided to volunteer in Tanzania. Before Africa, I hadn’t ventured further than Spain, mostly for lads’ holidays. Me and the boys hit up Tenerife, Benidorm and Ibiza. It was wild. We were all like-minded youths who got absolutely trolleyed. The thrill captured us; money, booze and endless experiences. My pal joked about how we could get a blow-up boat and paddle to Africa. Can you imagine?

Well, I could. When I returned to the U.K, one thing led to another. I started to volunteer on international projects, where I learnt about different opportunities overseas. As you may know from experience, parents don’t take such ideas lightly. Mine certainly didn’t. I told my Dad (Paul), ‘I’m off to East Africa after University’. He thought I was crazy. Well, I wasn’t, Paul. I was curious.   

Fast forward a bit. I graduated. Freelanced. Went to Tanzania! I came back with stories, Swahili slang, a girlfriend (who only lasted a few weeks) and the travel bug. The same ‘bug’ took me back to Africa one year later and helped inspire this podcast, Travelling Through Conversation.

Iringa, Tanzania.

What kick-started your travel bug? Share the story in the Comments Section.

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