Argentina 🇦🇷

Episode #019

Callum from college. If you read this. Hello. Quick story – Callum isn’t the bloke on the podcast today, but it is the name of a chap who made me see life differently. Here’s how – when you finish education, your class goes on to future ventures: some study further, others get jobs, several become unemployed, a few do stuff out of the norm, and this was the case for Callum – the lad went to Sri Lanka! On his return, I sent him a message, “how was it?”  His answer, “it changed my life.”  And that reply took me to Tanzania. I came back with a girlfriend (who only lasted a few weeks, she went to India), Swahili slang, stories, and the travel bug. The same ‘bug’ took me back to Africa – twice. Similarly, the gent on the podcast, Ignacio, found inspiration from another too – he went out one Sunday and ended up on a poetic journey across Europe! I wonder, how’s he still doing it?

“There’s this hypocrisy in our 21st-century society that travelling is what really counts, is what matters, if you’re not travelling you’re a piece of shit, you’re not doing anything with your life, you should go out there and discover yourself, and discover the world. Not at all.”

Ignacio Perini

Connect with Ignacio:


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