Italy 🇮🇹

Episode #017

Italy. Before you guess, yes, you’re right. This episode took me longer than a day to build. Rome. A capital hotspot for people like me or you, and probably the person who lives next door. But what happens when you meet the neighbour, and they’re from Rome? I guess you record a podcast together. Meet mine. He’s called Rich.

“Everyone needs to just not give a fuck about something.”

Richard Kitchen

3 thoughts on “Italy 🇮🇹

  1. One of my favorite episodes. Enjoyed listening to the stories and following along this journey within a journey. It truly is important to take moments in our lives to be “reckless” and travel to learn about others and ourselves as well.

    Also enjoyed the birdsong in the background.
    Wish you the best and take care!

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    1. Another great episode! I thought the underlying theme of searching for things and that it’s okay to not knowing what’s coming next and being happy in the moment I think that is such a current and applicable point. I also really liked the talk about his dad I thought it was a very special thing to share.

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