Greece 🇬🇷

Episode #003

I’m greeted by a Greek minimalist, as the sound of the bouzouki and the Geordie accent rings out through the front door, I’m not sure if I’m in Greece or Newcastle on this one.

“It’s a constant, I want more, more, and more, and we don’t stop to smell the flowers, see the sunset and the simple things.”

Eva Dougeni

6 thoughts on “Greece 🇬🇷

  1. It’s the engaging personalities of the interviewees as much as what they have to say about their countries that makes these podcasts such a good listen.

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    1. My favourite podcast so far. Eva’s lovely sunny personality really shines through. I liked the story about people in Greece only drinking tea when they are ill. It made me laugh as I love having a cup of tea everyday x

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